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Esther Voss

Esther Voss

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About Esther

Mortgage Broker


I am passionate about helping people and I am very thankful that I get to do this, daily, in my profession! It’s simple, my goal is your goal!  If you want to have a conversation, my time is of no obligation! If you are looking for financing, I will give you all the information you need so that you understand everything.  I work joyfully with you until you are 100% comfortable and happy with the entire lending process!








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Why work with a mortgage broker???

Offers a variety of products

Unlike a mortgage banker who offers one bank’s products and uses the bank funds to originate loans, I offer a variety of loan products from a variety of lenders.

More Options

Since I have more options, I have more loan choices in the terms of both rate and loan types.

Your Personal Mortgage Shopper

Think of Expedia, Kayak or Priceline.  Based on your information, I provide you with the best possible loan options.  I do all the shopping for you!

Lowest Fees, Lowest Rates

Working with me costs zero dollars.  Most bankers will charge an origination fee (typically 1%), an underwriting fee, and a processing fee.  I charge nothing except for a credit report fee that you pay for only when the loan closes.  The closing costs you pay will go to a third party. This includes: Title company fees, County fees, State fees, appraisal fees and real estate transaction fees.  I get compensated by the lender directly.


20 Years’ Experience

I can anticipate hiccups on lending before it occurs.  This means that I can prepare you up front for the issues you will have rather than the issues that typically come up right before closing.  There has not been one transaction that I have submitted that did not get financed. Most loan officers come to me when their client gets declined.


From day one, I put you with a good fit and I give you all your options. I know what kinds of issues will come up.  We go over these things upfront. I know the guidelines so I know what works at one lender that wouldn’t work at another.  I aim to make this a hassle-free, smooth, and educational process for you! 

Contact Esther

Esther Voss

Mortgage Broker
NMLS# 756911

12800 Whitewater Drive, Ste 100
Minnetonka, MN 55343
State Licenses: MN

Trusted Partner

I want to earn your business for life. You can also count on me to help your family and friends whenever they need a mortgage.

Great Rates

I know that you want a great rate when you purchase or refinance a home! Our company offers some of the best rates in the industry.


Getting a mortgage requires a lot of communication. Our team will remain in constant contact with you throughout the process.

Close on Time

I know that time is of the essence whenever you’re buying or refinancing a home. I am committed to a quick and efficient closing.

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