We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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Dan Kaiser did an absolute outstanding job in assisting me with my home purchase. Everything from answering even the smallest question to coaching me through obstacles I was unfamiliar with. His familiarity and ease with which he navigated the entire process shows exactly how accomplished and knowledgeable he is. From the first contact we set a closing date and he did everything to meet that date and we did it! Having Dan in my corner truly made me and everyone involved come out as champions!

Jack Iverson

Steve was extremely helpful in assisting my customers from Hawaii purchase a new home in Naples Florida.  Steve dedicated endless time ito ensure that this family had a home wenn they arrived in Florida.  Thank you Steve!!  

Teresa Koch

Dear Steve:
Just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your professionalism regarding our recent refinance. You were able to get us a better rate and with the equity we accrued, we will be able to update/remodel/redecorate our kitchen and living room.
Being in sales/service myself, I especially appreciated knowing you were just a phone call away to answer questions. If I didn’t reach you, I knew you would get back to me right away. (I hate waiting)
Thanks for meeting us at Starbucks for the “closing”. This was the largest financial transaction we have ever been involved in and you made it the easiest as well.
Keep providing the type of responsive service you provided to us and I’ll have no problem referring you to friends and family.
Take Care!
Burt Bauman

Burt Bauman

I recently completed a transaction in Lakeville and Steve Webb represented my buyer. It was a very "quick" closing, requiring a lot of close follow-up. The process was smooth and seamless to my client and Steve was a champion at getting us to the closing table on time.

Pam McBride

From the time I put in an offer on my home until the day I closed was 19 days. Steve Webb stayed on top of every detail and keeping me informed and proactive through every step. Day of closing was smooth as possible without a single glitch, would highly recommend!

Daniel W

Steve was amazing he found me an amazing rate even with my credit not being the best. He was also made it possible for us to close in under 40 days! I would highly recommend him!

Wilbert Houston II

I had a great experience with Minnesota Mortgage Group and their Staff. He did not let me down. He was available to talk on the weekends and went the extra mile.


Was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I had purchased a home before, and while it went smoothly, this time around I wanted someone who was super responsive. I was recommended to Jason at Minnesota Mortgage Group for my next purchase. At the time, I was speaking with another lender, who appeared to be offering as too good to be true deal, but I decided to take my chances and accepted the quote given by Jason here. The main reason for me was because he was very, very easy to approach and get a hold of. Thanks to him and his team, we were able to get all the paperwork done super early before close, and it was nice knowing he was just a text or phone call away. He also got me a good rate and a solid mortgage option. Jason cuts out a lot of the "middlemen" in the process, which saves you money on closing. Highly recommend him and his company for your next purchase.


They were very thorough and I was able to close in 19 days. Despite a couple of other stressful factors with the appraisal, his staff stayed calm, kept me updated, and were able to get it done. Thank You!


When I decided to move and buy a new place, I figured I should also shop for a better deal. My bank was ok with my first loan, but a friend suggested I use a Broker. The bank couldn't seem to give me a straight answer when I asked about closing costs, however, Jason took the time to work with me. He explained the mortgage process clearly and was available at the time that was most convenient for me. The loan went smoothly once we started and I would definitely recommend him to others. I'll definitely be working with him from now on!


I purchased my first home through Minnesota Mortgage Group, and have also refinanced through them. Jason is always looking out for what’s best for you and getting you into the best situation he can. Absolutely recommend using them!!!



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